A Story is a series of signification events (AKA, a chapter) that happen on Trost. Each Story has 10 chapters to keep the flow of the Story going.

Stories Edit

The Battle of Trost Edit

Main Article: The Battle of Trost Edit

The Battle of Trost is the first Story of the Halo Universe RP. Its ten chapters are: The Deceiving Battle, The Welcome Basket, A Warrior's Way, All or Nothing, Demons, Save One... Save All, The Hunt for the Deceiver, The Reunion, Desperation, and Finish the Fight.

Outbreak Edit

Main Article: Outbreak Edit

Outbreak is the second Story of the Halo Universe RP. Its ten chapters are: Return of the Arbiter, A Darkness Returns to the Light, Old Wounds, Avenge the Fallen, When in Doubt, Into the Howling Dark, The Hive, The True Dark, Light the Match, and Destroyer Turned Savior.

Insurrection Edit

Main Article: Insurrection (Story) Edit

Insurrection is the next upcoming Story in the Halo Universe RP. No chapters are currently out yet.

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