Background Edit

Javier was born on Earth like most Humans were. His family were part of the U.N.S.C. military and were always on duty. Javier never really had any chance to see his parents because they were always moving around the galaxy. Soon a small war broke out on Earth and his parents were finally stationed there.

Javier was only six when the first battle broke out. His parents finally came for him but soon after they were killed in action in an explosion. Javier was heartbroken and he had no one else to go to.

When he turned eighteen, Javier joined the O.D.S.T. program and went through a lot of training. A lot of people had left the training because they thought they were not good enough, but Javier stayed.

After a few years Javier graduated and became a Hell Jumper. He was then stationed on Alpha Base which was based on the planet Trost. He went on many missions to the city and came back accomplished.

But with all that glory there must come a sacrifice. Javier went on a search and rescue mission and was bitten by a floodling. Javier had his arm amputated and replaced with a robotic one. Ever since that day he became more aware of his surroundings.

Skills Edit

Speed & Mobility Edit

Fast Hands Able to reload weapons and use equipment much faster

Agility Able to sprint and run faster

Light Weight Able to maintain a fast pace even with heavy equipment

Parkour Able to scale tall structures and move swiftly around obstacles

Survival Edit

Scavenger Makes him very great at searching for things

Hunting Great at hunting enemies and food sources

Combat Edit

Close Quarters Combat Great in hand to hand combat when ever unarmed

Stealth Able to sneak around without anyone noticing and is able to take out targets silently

Ranged Combat Great with ranged weapons especially long ranged ones

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