“The only ways of winning war are by cheating death and making sacrifices. Otherwise, you’re guaranteed to die.”

Gunnery Sgt. Joshua Montgomery is an ODST that is known for being the former leader of the elite marksman squad known as Beta 4. Since they have disbanded in early 2563, Josh usually shifted around squads, rarely going at missions alone.
Untitled drawing by williboi013-d9irxb1

Early LifeEdit

Joshua was born in Shanghai, China when his parents were on vacation. His father was a retired marine who was a member of the Orion Project and working for a telecommunications company at the time, and his mother was a waitress at a café. Since the age of 2, he had shown signs of intellect, knowing how to do simple tasks via computer. At the age of 10, however, was when he began acing all sorts of different classes and received praise from his fellow classmates. However, hard times came when his parents had to deal with issues within family, several of them involving loss. The one incident that changed his life completely occurred during junior high, when Josh witnessed his uncle being killed in a car explosion caused by devastating accident. This scarred him and made matters worse among his family, leading to his sister running away and his parents divorcing. During high school, however, Josh was invited into the UNSC, which he accepted after finishing his last 2 years in high school.

Life as a MarineEdit

Josh, during his time in the UNSC Marines Corp., was a force to be reckoned with. He almost always hit the target and can navigate an area with ease, figuring out routes and knowing how to use the environment to his advantage. One part of his career involved a skirmish within a UNSC Paris-Class frigate known as the Godspeed, which he, along with 59 other marines, decimated a large group of Kig-Yar pirates. After this, he was given a promotion to Sergeant and was also able to become a member of the ODST Program.

Life as an Orbital Drop Shock TrooperEdit


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